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About Us

The Danish Canadian Museum exhibits the rich history of Danish settlers in Canada, a saga that began over 1000 years ago. Constructed in 1933, the Verbena Dormitory served as a boarding house for local high school girls from pioneer farm families in the area. It now boasts over 5000 artifacts, thirteen acres of green space, and traditional Danish delicacies at the Saga Café.


Camo Hat

She has a camo hat, and is not afraid to wear it! Where did she go? Who knows? She has the power of camo!


Probably someone important

I don't know. Definitely a lady, looks in charge of something and probably looking for a good strong man, but other than that I got nothing.


Not Camo Hat

She's got a hat, but it aint camo, so we know exactly where she is. 
Skills: Touching hat

signe danish stars.jpg

The Team

These are the people who make stuff happen. They... uhhh... definetly... well, enough of that. Well done yall, very proud of you. :)

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