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Aebleskiver History & Recipe

Enjoy authentic aebleskiver (pronounced aye-bill-ski-ver, singular and plural) always served at the Danish Canadian Museum it is a staple at all events and always several varieties on the menu.


These are a spin on Strawberry shortcake, filled with berries and cream.


Aebleskiver Background

Enjoy authentic aebleskiver (pronounced aye-bill-ski-ver, singular and plural) year-round in Solvang—however these Danish “pancake balls” are especially popular during the annual Aebleskiver N' Jam day — held in July every year, this year it is on July 1st as well as the annual Viking Days Celebration every third weekend in August. Enjoy!


Aebleskiver History

(courtesy of our Bestemor)

Aebleskiver! Thank heavens you don't have to pronounce it to eat it. What is it? This is probably the most asked question. There are probably hundreds of explanations and I dare say, none of them are correct, including our Bestemor's . Aebleskiver are a delicacy, supposedly invented by some Dane back in history. They are like a waffle, crepe, york shire pudding or a pancake formed like a tennis ball. The name makes a person believe that there are slices of apples inside, which is correct---if you put apple slices inside! You see, everybody, including me, has their own favorite recipe and way of serving them, all depending from, where in Denmark the recipe came from. You can find them served several different ways at the Danish Canadian Museum.

The most common way is with powdered sugar sprinkled over them and then topped with raspberry jam. Sometimes people have ventured to ask me how aebleskiver were invented and here I am always at a loss, because it is a very old invention.


One theory was. It went something like this: Back in the good old days, when the Vikings were roaming up and down the coasts of Europe and the waters of the Atlantic, one band of these Vikings had been particularly hard hit in battle, so, when they got back on their ship with their horn helmets and shields all dented and banged up, they decided to have one of their favorite dishes to help them regain their strength ----pancakes!! In those days they did not have modern conveniences such as frying pans, so, they greased their shields and poured the pancake batter on them over the fire but, guess what! Aebleskiver!

This picture is of our Canadian Aebleskiver, which we fill with bacon and maple syrup it is honestly our number one seller at the Saga cafe.

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