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Danish Canadian Advent Calendar December 9th

Other aspects of Christmas were also influenced by Viking tradition. The Yule log, for example, now a popular foodstuff, was originally a special log of fir, or yew, which was carved with runes to protect the household from misfortune.

Now HAM(or more accurately wild boar) was the meal of choice, and the celebrations often revolved around great feasting, even greater drinking, and song.

Next to an irresistible Danish Christmas dessert, there are few things we love as much as a good Christmas ham. For the Vikings, the brave souls who gave their lives heroically in battle were destined only for more strife in the afterlife. Each day, they would wake only to fight yet another battle against the giants who threatened the peace in Valhalla. Anyone who did not make it through the battle, was fortunately resurrected, because even the Vikings knew you do not miss dinner with the family. Each night, they would hold a large feast attended by both Odin and Thor. The main dish was, naturally, the ham.

Every evening, the story goes, a wild boar known as Sæhrimner would be served, and there was always enough to go around, no matter how many warriors there were seated at the table. Furthermore, each day before the feast, Sæhrimner was resurrected to act as the centerpiece of the feast yet again - just like the savory hams on our family Christmas tables.

So it is only natural that the Crackling pork or a ham is a must at the Christmas meal.


Our museum Naust, with the thick snow it makes for one of the best Christmas photos, the museum is magical in all seasons.

Danish roast pork with crackling is one of the most traditional Danish dishes that you can make. Keeping the skin on the pork roast gives the most perfect and delicious cracklings - ask your local butcher to leave the skin on.



Here is a template for a pig ornament for the tree there are many options on what to use and how to decorate or paint.


Color this little piggy or use it as a template to make another decoration for the tree


Hope that everyone is safe and enjoying the season.

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