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Danish Canadian Advent December 11th 2020

Yule had a strong connection to Odin for the Vikings. During this time of year, you could watch the God of Gods fly through the night sky, paying visits to people in their homes. Often depicted as old, wise, and fatherly, Odin would fly across the sky on Sleipner, his eight-legged horse (Eight reindeer anyone? Sorry Rudolph - you were a couple centuries later, but we still love you!). Sound familiar? Many people think that Odin is, in fact, the original Santa Claus. The Dutch later took on the Norse tradition and made him into Santa Claus, or Sinterklaas, as they call him. It was Saint Nicholas, however (who is entirely unrelated to Norse mythology), that perfected Santa Claus into what he is today - the giver of gifts for the good. So, is it fate and destiny that perhaps the stories of Vikings could have created both an iconic person in Santa Claus and a delicious pastry called Kringle, that just happens to show up in his name? We are not sure, but this bit of trivia will probably earn you some points in your families get togethers!!

With the weather turning colder and the holidays just around the corner, we hope that everyone will love learning and looking at Danish and Viking heritage for the Christmas traditions with there families that many have loved for generations, and we know that many of our members have and enjoy the same traditions. They tell us about their families who came from Denmark and how they long for the same Danish pastries that their parents and grandparents used to make. Or, they say that they used to live in the Denmark or family that used to live in Denmark and want to reconnect with their roots, and our museum and saga cafe gives them that opportunity.

We have many different members and guests with wide variety of preferences, but two things are certain: first of all, we always strive to bring a taste of hygge for guests and members throughout the country, and second, that everyone of us has a fondness for their Christmas traditions. At the museum, we love them too - especially how they remind us of our family and the many years that we all gathered to celebrate the holidays.


Another extremely popular Danish Christmas dessert is the Kringle, our best-loved bakery item Id say it ties with Wienerbrod. When it comes to Danish sweets, nothing is better loved than the Kringle. As the Vikings explored distant lands, they discovered many gorgeous cities, but like many of us have learned, they found out there is nothing like home at Christmas. We have created a special Kringle flavors in honor of a classic Danish tradition -

The difference between Wienerbrod and Kringle is the manner in which the butter is added. Now in Wienerbrod it is laminated between the dough layers, in Kringle the dough itself is a mix of puff pastry and pie crust, in the layering and yeast is like wienerbrod the butter is mixed into the dough at the very beginning of the process. Saying this DO NOT over handle the Kringle dough! Less is more to create the flaky crispy delicate cake.

I have added this Kringle recipe it is a little less complicated, and tastes very good! It is simple to make the dough ahead of time. Baking is a art of patience and the joy of experimenting! I have also found it has served me well in learning the art of acceptance and appreciation. I think that baking and cooking meals that take a long time is hyggelig because of this. There is no way to guarantee that a recipe will turn out EXACTLY the same every time no matter how many times I make it. Weather effects it, products effect it, even your mood and energy will effect your food. Slowing down and honestly appreciating the process and not rushing will always improve the results and the experience its self. With everything that is happening right now we are being taught to do exactly this. Slow down, there is no rush this year, it will come as fast as it has every other year, time moves and it is the only thing we cannot get back. Rushing will never give you more time, also I have never had better results because I rushed, the act of whatever task or action at the moment is never enhance by rushing, it usually leaves me with a negative feeling attached. So I encourage you to try both of these recipes, go slow relax and enjoy the process. Just like the crafts enjoy the process and the finished results will be all the more wonderful as the memories attached to them.



If you print this sleigh template and make it out of Card stock it makes a fantastic ornament, I think also it would be perfect for a Advent calendar if you filled 24 of these and numbered them (just a idea for next year).

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