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Danish Canadian Advent December 4th

What makes Advent so important? Well if you are a Dane it could have something to do with hygge. Which basically means celebrating the small things in life. Whether or not your religious, Christmas time in Denmark or anywhere else is the best time to embrace hygge.

It is the perfect season for snuggling up by the fireplace, wrapped in a warm blanket, woolen blanket, while getting ready to read great book, with a cup of mulled wine(glogg) or warm beverage. Wool socks, good books, are always appreciated in most homes no matter the season, during December though even the tiniest details get a tad cozier. Could it be that Advent became so welcomed and loved by every Dane because the act of appreciation is so enhanced at Christmas time? In my years of researching the feeling of hygge it has personally come down to the fine art of appreciating the little things. Appreciation is a form of celebration. Celebration is what Christmas is all about, Advent gives us a beginning date to celebrate the wonder openly, mutually of the tiniest details that truly make life special.

One of our Nisse in the Hans Christian Andersen walk of Imagination, the paths are lit with 1000's of lights and many decorated trees, its a truly wonderful time of year at the museum.



Danish Baking is legendary around the world. Blessed with fine ingredients- butter, eggs, flour – from the country’s farms. Danish pastry chefs and home cooks are renowned for creating artistically shaped and richly flavored biscuits. These rich, buttery rings are a special favorite at Christmas.

Vanillekranse are a Christmas staple, these lovely cookies are sold world wide, Danish butter cookies are a favorite for many. They are also very simple to make, if you have the time and energy these are a fantastic recipe to start with! They also freeze incredibly well, you can keep them in your freezer and pull out when you have company or just need a treat through the holidays.


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