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Danish Canadian Museum Advent December 3rd 2020

As the years went by the Advent calendars have evolved. Advent Calendars were no longer just for children, adults loved them too. There are many types of Advent calendars, some people give beer, wine, Legos, teas, coffees well you get the point the options are endless. Some families only give Advent gifts on the Sundays, so instead of many small gifts, they give 4 big presents, one each Sunday during the month of Advent. During the 1960's Advents changed to small gifts for 20 of the days a bigger gift on the Sundays like the chocolate Advent calendars today, there are 4 bigger windows with a larger gift or candy on the Sundays and 20 smaller ones in the rest of the calendar.

Another favorite tradition is the Advent candle. There is something about the simplicity of the candle burning, that heightens the appreciation as it moves in small increments every day the anticipation of Christmas slowly growing everyday. Families intentionally slowing down and acknowledging something special is happening all around. The hypnotic glow of the flickering flame, that small flames holds the ability to warm up a room if only for that short period of time. Letting it burn only so long every day not too much but just enough time and space to reflect on the coming of Christmas.




Danish pastries are not truly Danish, these famous sticky delicious delights were first made in Denmark in the 1840’s by Austrian bakers. These lovely treats rose in popularities over the last hundred or so years and are now a firm favorite of ordinary Danes. There are many different types of this favorite pastry throughout all of Denmark. The favorite at the museum would have to be the Almond. Wienerbrod is not easy undertaking but if you do take the time to make it properly it is so very worth the time and effort. I've had Danes tell me that it is the food of the Gods.

Buttery, Flaky Danish pastry is unrivalled in the baking universe, and a classic puff pastry is KEY!! Use the highest quality butter you can find, and keep the pastry as cold as you can while you are making



Drawing Nisse is a fun activity for everyone of all ages. Take the time to doodle and have fun with these little people, the sheer delight they bring as each always has such personality it is always worth the effort.

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