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Frigga Queen of the gods

Frigga “Frig-ah” Other spellings: Frigg Frigga, also known as mother-goddess, was wife to Odin, and queen to the Norse gods and goddesses. Not very much is written about her, including how she came into existence. There are some speculations and guesses as to her heritage by historians, but not solid enough to mention.

Frigga was the goddess of atmosphere and clouds. She would sit at her spinning wheel, that overlooked earth, and spun the clouds, forming and shaping them. She would then place them in the skies herself. Those who prayed and sacrificed to her, asked for household protection. To keep wives and children safe while the men were off to war. Frigga was motherly, with a protective disposition. Whether some of her children also belonged to Odin or not is unclear. Her children included Thor (although some say that Thor’s mother was a frost giant that Odin had slept with, perhaps he was raised by Frigga). Then there was Balder, Frigga’s most beloved son. Then the two youngest Hulder and Tyr. All her sons grew to be mighty warriors, with their own tales to be told. Their stories will be shared in future articles.

Pretty much all the gods and goddesses have been accused of infidelity at one point or other. Usually bedding a Frost Giant or a human. There are very few cases, if any, when a god or goddess had slept with another god or goddess they were not married to. So, there is that at least. Frigga and Odin were no exception in the act of unfaithfulness to each other. Even with their flaws, the father and mother of the gods have been together since the beginning, and besides a few quarrels, have stayed united, ruling their people with wisdom and grace.

Side note: If a human bares a child with a Norse god or goddess. The child does not become a ‘demigod’ per say, like in the Greek mythologies. But they do become mighty heroes and leaders. They are more likely to converse with the gods, and are almost guaranteed a spot in Valhalla.

Frigga’s First Sin Frigga is apart of many stories, usually when it has to do with her husband and her children. Her first tale is at the beginning, when her and Odin were young, before their children were born.

It is said that Frigga was the reason cold hearts and winter days came upon Asgard and earth, touching humans and gods alike. Frigga loved beautiful things. Odin would often gift her with the prettiest objects he could find. She was in want for nothing. One day, while Frigga was spinning her clouds over the skies. She spied the most beautiful object she had ever laid eyes upon. It was an ornament, fastened over a statue of her husband. She did not know who created it or what the ornament was for, all Frigga knew was that she wanted it. That night, cloaked in darkness, Frigga slipped the ornament off the statue, carrying it away. She took it to the finest black smiths ever known, the dwarves. Frigga commissioned the dwarves to turn the ornament into a necklace. When finished, it was the most beautiful necklace any human or goddess had ever possessed. Everyone adored the it, and Frigga became a fixture of beauty when wearing it. Even Odin was overtaken with emotions for his wife when he saw the necklace on her. It resulted in Odin flooding her home with even more gifts. After some days, Odin came to realize that the ornament was missing from his statue. Enraged by the theft, he flew into a fury, demanding anyone and everyone to produce the precious object. His rage frightened Frigga, and she committed many tricks to hide the truth from her husband. The dwarves never pointed a finger at her, even when Odin threatened them. They were loyal and loved the queen goddess too much to betray her. Outraged at being thwarted and tricked so many times. Odin departed Asgard, taking with him the protection and blessings Asgard and earth had relied upon. With Odin away, the frost giants were free to roam, bringing to both lands cold, ice and many wars. Humans, gods and goddesses alike suffered for seven long months, with the cold seeping into their bones. At the end of the many months away, Odin had calmed his rage. Now, he found that he missed his wife. He returned to Asgard, bringing back with him his protection and blessings. He lead the charge to chase away the frost giants, bringing peace to Asgard and earth once more. Although things were never the same as before, humans had become hard from the experience. It is not said whether Frigga confessed her sin or not. All we know is that king and queen were together once again. It is up to you whether she admitted her wrong and was forgiven, or would forever be tormented by her secret.

The End

Article written by, Billie-Gean Richard

Sources used Books: Norse myths and Tales, Epic Tales. By Flame Tree Publishing Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman Websites: Norse Mythology – Mythopedia

All photos used are from these websites, unless stated otherwise.

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