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Getting to know our Museum? Danes? Culture? Traditions?


I want to start off with saying THANK YOU!! I can honestly say I lost count of how many times I cried tears of joy and amazement at your letters, emails and cards of appreciation for our first ever Advent Calendar.

It will definitely not be our last.


Continuing on from our Christmas Advent we have chosen 2021’s theme to be making memories. After 2020 the need to appreciate the small things, value what is, that has become abundantly clear. As well to go one step further and celebrate each of these small things like it is a first time. To stop and see more. acknowledge that each moment will never come again, and we will all never be exactly who we are the way we are in this moment ever again.

We believe the Museum is a sort of time travel. We would love to travel back in time with you, sharing memories and learning about our history and culture.

It is said that time speeds up as we age. Many will agree with this thought. Did you know science studies say that the reason it feels like time speeds up, is because we stop experiencing every moment like it is a first time and we put life on repeat. As we experience anything repeatedly, we stop paying attention and go on auto pilot. Making life feel like its sped up. Its why the first 18 to 21 years of life seem to take so long, we are waiting for everything to happen, to be able to experience, learn, grow. Once we stop anticipating life and stop noticing the amazing changes in the everyday life, it goes by without a thought. Just like you take a drive, and you do not remember the drive you have driven it so often that you do not even pay attention. Such is the road of life. We are about to start experiencing life in a more intentional way.


There is nothing that brings back memories or creates new ones better than food, or a smell of food, its a instant trigger for a moment in time. Our memory journey starts here!! With food, there is nothing more wonderful than a warm meal, prepared with good company or even your own self. For myself when I cook it is fun, I love to learn and experiment. The larger the learning curve the more exciting! Also the bigger the RISK!! I urge you all take the risks in the kitchen and life, I have failed at so many recipes I have lost count, yet have learned so much from those failures, its my strongest memories. I have learned more in a kitchen of people than in any university class room, or any restaurant.

Lets make new memories together! Learning some new and old.


This recipe for Braendende Kearlighed is an old and very traditional Danish recipe. Directly translated Braendende Kearlighed means Burning Love which actually does not say much about this dish, except that it is supposed to be served extremely hot. This dish is said to be more than 100 years old and originally from the rural area, and often poor parts, of Denmark. This recipe is quite simple, and it only consists of a few and relatively natural ingredients which is properly the main reason why this dish was so popular back then. Today, this dish is still served in many Danish homes and it is especially great for a cold and dark winter evening.

Burning Love consists of mashed potatoes topped with an onion and bacon mixture - it is easy to prepare, very filling and at the same time cheap to make. Simple is best!



Our Museum is full of memories, we house and inherit memories from hundreds of thousands of families. Our Curators corner is where you will find just a few of our memory treasures. For a legacy to continue there story must live on.



We love researching and sharing Danish traditions and history. Its important to learn new things and be reminded of what was. The more often you share a story, the more vivid the memory becomes. As we all remember and then try some of these wonderful traditions now today, there are new memories made and wonderful memories relived.



The Danish Hearts are fun for Valentines Day just as much as Christmas.


Our Nisse are getting ready for Valentines Day. They sure know what is important and how to serve and help everyone. Perhaps its there kindness and strong connections to all that just make them so darn infectious!! We love our Nisse!!


Please if you like our Blog and Museum donate, we rely heavily on your generosity. Perhaps the cost of a coffee a day or a newspaper? Thank you, Donation button on the top of the page right hand corner. Tak

See you all next Friday!! Only a week away, Family day and Valentines Day. What beautiful topics to research and share!!

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