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Welcome to Danish Canadian Advent 2020

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

This month is all about Danish traditions and a Hygge Christmas because I mean really who couldn't use a bit more Hygge in there life. The tradition of the Advent calendar as there is no definite date only that it is very European. The credit of the first printed Advent goes Germany in 1903 that was first printed by a man named Gerhard in his early 20's. It all stemmed from childhood memories of his family counting down to Christmas with 24 cookies that were sewn onto a lid and put into on to a piece of carton. He was aloud to eat one cookie a day until Christmas.

The First Danish Julealender (Advent Calendar) was in 1930. This particular year two Advent calendars were created and sold, one with no doors to open but a picture with verses there was tear-off blocks to count down to Christmas leaving the picture and verses. The other was more like what we all see today it had the 24 windows with little unique size openings and treats inside. These Advent calendars were pricey and not everyone could afford them. By the year 1932 people of Denmark had started making there own Advent calendars for gifts in all sorts of fashions.



If you Haven't already follow us and subscribe to our website. We will have tons of extras this year and the years to come.


In Denmark it is a very old tradition to put flags up honestly for everything. As our previous Danish Ambassador of Denmark said

"We put flags up for everything, its just simply what we do."


So with the tradition of Flags and paper cut ornaments we thought it fitting for the first of December the flags be the first paper craft of the Advent.


Nisse are a favorite Danish tradition at the Museum we make them and they sell all over the world. Each one has a personality and that wonderous spirt of mischief. We simply could not leave our Nisse out of the museum fun of Advent, everyday you will be kept up to date with what our mischievous Nisse are up to!


Last but most certainly not least our Recipes!! Something that has always brought people together has always been food! The Danes are no different, a sweet treat or hearty meal the Danes love good food and have many different traditional and family favorites. All month long we will be sharing tried and tested recipes from the Museum.


We look forward to sharing a bit of fun and traditions the next 24 days, Thank you all for supporting us and caring about our beloved museum.

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