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Heimdall The gods Guardian

“Hame-doll” Old English spelling of his name is Heimdallr

Heimdall, keeper of the rainbow bridge, was a watchman for the gods, able to peer into all the plains; Asgard (home of the gods), Midgard (earth), and Jotunheim (Giants country). He watched over Asgard, and humans, and kept an eye on the warring giants. Heimdall was described as having very keen senses. He could hear grass grow, and see everyone at all times. Because Heimdall did not need much sleep, and was always on alert, he was given the task to be the watcher. The gatekeeper between Midgard and Asgard. Between the two plains was a bridge called the Bifröst, known as the ‘Rainbow Bridge’. It was so large that all the realms could see the colourful path. The gods used it often to visit earth, and go on their adventures. Heimdall was privy to everyone who used it, none could pass without him seeing, hearing or smelling them. All had to gain his permission to allowed to pass. Humans could not access the bridge on their own. If a human wanted to cross over, they had to die, and be carried by the Valkyrie.

Parentage Heimdall’s father was Allfather Odin. His mother is a harder thing to explain. He was the product of nine sisters! The maidens were either celestial beings or bloodthirsty mermaids, it is uncertain. How nine women birthed one son is unimaginable. It is more likely only one of the maidens became pregnant, after Odin slept with all of them. Heimdall was then raised in Asgard with his half siblings. To be one of Odin’s sons meant that Heimdall was a great warrior as well as taking his given post seriously.

Heimdall’s children

There is no record of Heimdall having a spouse. His job would have kept him too busy to take care of a family. However, that did not stop him from fathering many half human children. The very few times Heimdall left his post, after making sure someone else would watch the bridge in his absence, he went to earth to explore, and bed women. Heimdall is said to be the father of all people. While Odin and his two brothers were the ones to create and give life to humans. Odin then left humanity in ignorance, with no purpose or understanding. Heimdall was the one to give them purpose, skills and positions in life.

Near the beginning of mans creation, before Heimdall was the watchman of the Bifröst. He could see with his keen sight how lost the humans were. They were nomads, wandering the earth, with no experience to lean on, or knowledge of how to learn new skills. Heimdall decided to travel to earth, to be amongst mankind in disguise. He not only taught them new things, but helped populate the people. His most notable encounters were with three married women. One was a serf, one a farmer’s wife, one a noble lady. Each woman gave birth nine months after Heimdall’s visit to their beds. All three women birthed boys. These sons became great leaders of their people, and helped pave the way for humans to have purpose in their lives. Thrall was born of the serf, and became the father of servants; those who could serve well. Then there was Karl, born of the farmer’s wife. He was a skilled worker and could make things grow like no other. He was the father of all farmers. Lastly, there was Jarl, a warrior, and the father of all noblemen. He was skilled at hunting and combat, teaching the rest of humankind these technics. He showed the way for warriors, kings and queens. After teaching the humans new skills, Heimdall returned to his home. He then watched his children and children’s children from his post on the Bifröst.

(The Ragnarök war, under the Bifröst)

By Billie Richard

Sources used Books: - Norse myths and Tales, Epic Tales. By Flame Tree Publishing - Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman - The Viking Spirit, by Daniel McCoy Websites: - Heimdall - Norse God and Owner of Gjallarhorn | - Bifröst - Rainbow Bridge in Norse Mythology (

(all pictures taken from the websites listed)

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