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Remember your Loved Ones

Leave a Lasting Impression


Mindelund Wall

Memorialize your loved one

Our Mindelund (memorial) Wall is a perfect setting to remember your loved one.

Brick plaque--$1250

Pillar plaque--$2500

Contact us for more information or to purchase


Memorial Donations

Your loved one will be remembered on a plaque in the cafe if memorial donations received in their name.

Donations can be made by e-transfer 


If you prefer, you can mail a cheque to:

Danish Canadian National Museum

Box 92

Spruce View, AB T0M 1V0


Donations are tax deductible and receipts are distributed at the end of the calendar year. 


Pioneer Walk

Memorialize your loved one

Brass Plaques set in sidewalk blocks

Pioneer Walk Plaque--$850

Contact us for more information or to purchase


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