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Thomsen Cabin

The Thomsen Cabin was built by Elmer Thomsen circa 1930. Elmer was born in Dickon in 1907 to Danish immigrant parents, Thomas and Caroline Thomsen, who immigrated to Dickson in 1905. The cabin was inhabited by various members of the Thomsen family until 1948. The cabin was donated to the museum by Nick Nicholson who had purchased the land from the Thomsens. The land was subsequently sold to Greg and Judy McGeachy, who owned the land when the cabin was moved to the Museum grounds. The cabin was restored and staged by Museum volunteers including descendants of the Thomsen family and Nick Nicholson.   

Thomsen cabin exterior.jpg
Thomsen pioneer cabin sign.JPG

Step back in time and see how Danish immigrant families lived in the Dickson area before the arrival of electricity and indoor plumbing.

Thomsen cabin bedroom.JPG
Thomsen cabin kitchen.JPG

A well equipped kitchen including a period wood burning stove, manual washing machine and cupboard capture the life of a homesteader.

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