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Freydis Joanna

Completed on April 1, 2009, The Freydis Joanna is a replica of a Viking small ship (skib) which were used to make landing and move inland via rivers. She was built at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark using traditional carving methods and tools. Benefactors Karen and Kresten Sommer made a generous bequest to the Danish Canadian National Museum to have the ship built.

The Freydis Joanna is named after Freydis, the sister of Leif the Lucky, who came to L'Anse aux Meadows 1000 years ago. and Joanna, the middle name of Karen Sommer.

Viking Ship.jpg

The Freydis Joanna nestled inside her permanent home, The Naust.


From One Mighty Oak

Long time volunteer and then President, Carl Sorensen, in Denmark with the oak log that became the Freydis Joanna.

Building the Freydis Joanna

Reconstruction of a ship's boat from the Gokstad ship in Norway, 895. The original boat is found in Norway together with the Gokstad ship in 1880 and it was probably been used as dinghy for the 24 metre long, ocean going vessel.

This oak boat was built by two boatbuilders from the Viking Ship Museum for the Danish Canadian National Museum.

In May 2009 the boat was sent on a voyage from Roskilde to Canada. On the way to the museum, it was exhibited several places.

Explore her story by clicking the following link:

Viking Ship Museum Denmark


The Freydis Joanna arrives!

The Freydis Joanna was delivered to her home at the Danish Canadian National Museum by a friendly group of Vikings in 2009 after a journey across Canada.

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